We believe in human ingenuity

We fight pandemics and epidemics with relief assistance and open innovation

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Relief Assistance

Together with several car and rental car companies WeFightCovid has provided over 500 vehicles to medical staff working with treating Covid patients, alleviating the stress, risk and discomfort of their daily commute.

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By connecting professionals, entrepreneurs and government healthcare coordinators a team assembled under WeFightCovid were able to source over 1 million face masks from China to a Swedish private healthcare provider when the situation was most acute.

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Open innovation

We have supported the incubation of Colorna, a Swedish biotech startup developing rapid diagnostic tools for global health and personalized medicine using cutting-edge research tools.

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Relief assistance
Open innovation


The contributions of our collaborators are instrumental to our success. For us it is all about connecting the right people and making things happen. The more we are the more we can do! Join us and this awesome group of selected collaborators.

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WeFightCovid – A charitable initiative

WeFightCovid.org is an independent partner for entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers working on pandemic related problems.

With voluntary contributions from individuals, companies and organizations we collect, organize and direct resources to accelerate the development and prospect of initiatives developing solutions or relief assistance that prevent pandemics or relieve their negative effects

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